Is your car pulling to one side of the road or the other when you’re trying to go straight down the road? It may or may not have a car alignment problem. If the problem is not diagnosed and corrected, it could be just the beginning of more serious problems. Why is it so important to make sure your vehicle has the correct wheel alignment? Here a few reasons:

* Accelerates the rate that your tires wear
* Decreases engine performance
* Adversely affects the smoothness of the ride
* Adversely affects the braking system and other components.

As soon as you start to notice any unusual pulling or drifting problems, take time to schedule a wheel alignment service with a trusted auto mechanic.

Along with alignments, wheel balancing is also a core assignment here at Discount Brake & Auto Repair. We use state of the art equipment when providing wheel alignment auto service. You should not let technicians without the proper knowledge or training work on your car. Because of this we employ ASE Certified Technicians to provide wheel balancing services.

Research shows that on the average, an automobile is driven about 15,000 miles per year. If that same automobile is out of alignment, it would be the same as dragging the tires sideways for over 68 miles. As a conscientious vehicle owner, this is probably not a bumpy road you want to go down. A financially-wise driver will take care of a needed car alignment before it develops into something bigger, such as prematurely replacing tires, axles, brakes, or other components of your vehicle.