Well, since we have been talking about auto parts and their maintenance, here is another one. Oh yes, another DIY (Do It Yourself). This one is about those car parts that bear the weight of entire vehicle and that is – Auto Wheels and Tires.

Wheels are vital part in any automobile and hence need extra attention most importantly at regular intervals. Auto wheels and tires, in proper condition, are not only necessary for a comfortable driving but also for safe driving. Keep in mind the following directions to take proper tire care, to let your automotive wheels be intact and definitely for enjoying those long drives.

Air Pressure – For auto wheels and tires to yield maximum functionality, it is essential to keep the right air pressure. Every car has its appropriate standard and you must know the standard air pressure for your car wheels. You can also refer to the automobile wheel manufacturers manuals or other automotive industry publications in the market that may provide you with the required details.

What is important is that the air pressure shouldn’t be either high or low. If its low, wheels will get damaged due to friction and consequent heat. Low air pressure in automotive wheels also leads to more fuel consumption. Therefore always remember, The Accurate Car Wheel Pressure!

Check The Valve Cover – In the auto wheels and tires, you will find valve covers. Check these valve covers to make sure they are right on position on the automotive wheels and there is no leakage of air. Keep Valve Covers of Wheels on Right Position.

Twice a Week Air Pressure Checks – Do your regular check ups on auto wheels and tires air pressure. You can take the help of a measure tool. Well, the gap between two air pressure checks depends upon the how much your car is used. Regular Checks Save The Wheels from Damage

Perform Checks When The Vehicle Has Been Used – This is very important. You should check the air pressure only when the vehicle has been used and the wheels temperature is down. This is so because the wheel pressure will be high if the wheels temperature inside is high. Remember, Check the Air Pressure When the Wheels Temperature is Down.

If You Add An Extra Weight On Vehicle, Increase The Air Pressure – At times, when you are off on a long trip or when you put loads on the poor vehicle, make sure to the increase automotive wheels pressure. As told earlier, proper air pressure is directly proportional to the longer life of auto wheels and tires. Extra Weight or Extra Mile = Extra Air Pressure Required.

Air pressure is just one of the ways, through which you can increase the life of your auto wheels and tires. A check on the other wheel parts like auto tube, flywheel, linkage parts, lug bolt, lug nuts, wheel studs, radial tires & other wheels and tires accessories are amongst the other ways for smoother and hassle free drive. Also important for you is to how to repair a punctured tire functioning of automotive wheels and wheel parts. So just give some time to your vehicle and enjoy the smooth drive as a brand new car all your life. Have a Safe Drive!