If you want to drive your car for years without any hassle, take it for regular tune ups and periodic servicing. Choose a trustworthy car garage for repair and servicing.

Looking for a car service in Melbourne for vehicle tune up? If you own a car, it requires proper tuning after it has travelled certain miles. With time our vehicle undergo heavy amount of wear and tear so auto repair is inevitable. Getting regular tune-ups is needed if you car for the vehicle and in this process the auto mechanics check all the essential parts of a car preventing easy breakdown.

What is car tune up?

An auto tune up is a procedure, a type of auto repair that offers improvement to your vehicle. This service can help to save cash by saving you from the hands of major servicing. Once your car has travelled 80,000 to 100,000 miles, a car tune up and repair is ideal and highly beneficial. The inner workings of the vehicle are tested and repair is done to mend the problems found.

The visual inspection of the vehicle engine includes:

Air filter replacement

Installation of new spark plugs

Fuel filter replacement

Setting the timing and idle

Confirming all wiring and functional elements are functioning properly

Fuel injector inspection and removing the carbon deposits

PCV Valve





Fluid Levels

Getting a vehicle repair and tune up can improve the functioning of your automotive. For instance, if your car is facing form reduction in gas mileage or power loss, it is time for a tune up session. A good a repair session helps to detect early problems without letting it escalate and you can enjoy peace of mind.