Car hoses and belts are the most essential components of the car and it is imperative that you take special care of them. Any problem with the hoses and belts of your car would mean that the engine would face malfunction and deteriorate the efficiency of the car. Hence, you should conduct monthly inspection of your hoses and belts with the help of a trained technician to ensure a long and healthy life of your vehicle.

The belts are essential parts of the car and are needed to efficiently operate the accessory systems in the engine. These include the alternator, air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, and the water pump. Without fully functional belts, these parts will not be able to perform adequately. Car hoses and belts work in the background but are equally important for the correct functioning of the car.

You should regularly check your car hoses and belts. Belts with any signs of cracking, missing pieces or fraying need to be replaced immediately before they cause further damage to any of the other parts they are associated with.

Also make sure that the belt tension is properly checked and adjusted from time to time. If the tension between the belts is too tight, they will deteriorate sooner and will cause the accessory components to malfunction. Bottom line is that you should regularly have your car hoses and belts inspected.

Like your belts, hoses are equally important and are used in many accessory components of your car. Maintenance is essential from time to time. Hoses usually face leaks and this can temporarily be fixed using duct tape wrapped around the hose, but it is recommended you get it replaced by a new one. When a hose feels hard or makes a crunching sound when squeezed, it means that it is deteriorating and should be replaced with a new hose. This applies for both car hoses and belts that you should have them replaced as soon as possible before they start causing problems to the other components of the car.

Both car hoses and belts are available in the market and are also relatively cheaper than the other parts of the car. These are extremely vital components of the car and should not be ignored. Regular checks on them and speedy replacements are essential.

Things to Remember

* Inspect hoses regularly and get it checked by a mechanic for proper maintenance

* Squeeze the radiator hose to check whether it is in proper condition

* Regularly examine the belts

* Check the tension in the belts and make sure it is not too stressed.

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